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Now we are almost mid-way through 2016 it is time to ask the question, “is your website ready to face the challenges of 2016?”.

Web technologies move quickly, as do your customers, keeping pace means constant appraisal of your digital marketing to ensure it meets the needs of your customers and is up to date with the latest technological advances.

We’ll walk you through some of the most important questions you should be asking to help you decide if your website is ready!

Is your website mobile friendly – does it work well on a Smart Phone or Tablet device?

In 2015 more people used their mobile phones for browsing the internet than did people using desktop or laptop computers. This is a landmark in web design and changes the landscape completely. A lot of companies have already updated their websites to ensure they are mobile optimised, but there are still some which are lagging behind. Make sure you’re not one of them.

Does your website stand out from your competition?

Every business is different, you may offer the same or similar services as another business but the way you do it and how you do it is unique. Make sure your website properly represents your business and stands out from the crowd. Try to get some personality and try to define you unique selling points (USPs) and communicate them clearly and quickly.

“Content is King” Bill Gates famously wrote back in 1996, stating that content was going to be the main driver behind the explosion of the internet, and he wasn’t wrong!

The growth in social media, news websites and content aggregator websites over the past 10 years is a good indication of this. The content of your website is key to how a potential customer learns about your business and ultimately engage your services. Copywriters exist for a reason and can be a valuable investment in the website process.

Your website is one a of a Billion individual sites existing on the internet today, about 9 million of those sites have been hacked or compromised, is yours one of those?

There are many ways your website can be compromised by a hacker who really wants to cause some damage, but you can help protect against hacking by ensuring the access to your site is secure, your software, such as WordPress, is patched and up to date and any third-party integrations you are running are also secure. We recommend using a third-party security company, like Sucuri, to monitor your website and to provide support in case of a hack. We use Sucuri to help keep our clients’ website secure.

Does your website accurately reflect your business’s products and services?

This may seem like an obvious question and the answer should always be yes, but it can be surprising how many websites are out of date and do not give the latest details of the products and services. In a fast changing business world, it is essentially to continually review and update your website, to give an accurate picture of your business.

If you want to discuss any of these points and get a free website review, please contact us to find out more.