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Something we have been keeping a close eye on at Bright White Space is Virtual Reality. Having grown up in the eighties and nineties with the promise of Virtual Realms, like the one in Lawn Mower man, this is something that is very close to our hearts.

We recently took the plunge and invested in a HTC Vive headset. We’ve not been disappointed!

We are now exploring the possibilities that Virtual Reality offers. Naturally our first port of call is WebVR, which looks very promising and with some already established frameworks, like AFrame, it looks to be very powerful. The challenge now is to translate our creativity from 2D to 3D and understand how User Experience’s will be transformed by three dimensions.

3D offers huge potential to create truly immersive shopping and customer experiences.

Adoption of the new technology will no doubt take some time, but we do feel this technology is similar to the internet in the early stages – a huge potential and will almost certainly become a part of modern life in the same way that Facebook and Google have.

If you have a virtual reality website¬†or a VR app you want to develop we’re keen to get started with commercial work, so let us know and we can start discussing possibilities. Or if you just fancy seeing what the fuss is about, drop us a line and come to the office to see what it’s all about!