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We’ve already talked about how to use your website to showcase your work and that is a huge part of how to use your website to attract customers. How can you turn your website visitor into a customer? Let’s look at some tactics to do just that.

Your website is a fantastic opportunity to show off your work to customers. It’s a full colour interactive brochure of unlimited size and we have some tips on how to showcase your work.

Just like free samples or a trial period, you can use your website to give a taster that will have visitors coming back for more.

Make it something useful and valuable. It should be good enough to put a price on but you are going to give it away for free. It can act as a taster or a complement to your usual offerings. A tool, a great report or useful information in a blog. Whatever your potential customers will be impressed by. It builds trust and authority, making visitors more likely to become customers either now or in the future.

What’s one thing so many websites forget when it comes to turning visitors into customers? It’s called a “call to action” and you would be surprised at how often it is overlooked.

The call to action, or CTA, is a rallying call for your website visitors. What do you want them to do next? You’ve impressed them with your portfolio or testimonials, now get them ready to take action.

Do you want them to call you? Book an appointment online? Sign up to your email list? You have to be explicit. Putting your phone number on your site and hoping they get the message isn’t enough.

Act on Energy have a big, bold call to action right at the top of their page.

Read how Bright White Space transformed the Act on Energy website in our case study.

Visitors to your site might be overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Don’t offer them too many options. On the Bright White Space site you are met with the choice to view our work or get a quote. If the visitor doesn’t choose more options will appear to find out more about our company.

Where you are asking is important too. The best conversions – turning a visitor into a customer – are specific. At the end of each of our case studies is a simple question, a call to action that takes a visitor from thinking “I like this” to acting on it.

The first step is to make sure you have a call to action on your site. Then you can test the wording, making sure it is strong and as effective as possible. Design also plays a large part in a great call to action. Colours, fonts, buttons and placement will affect your call to actions success.

Showcasing your work, wowing visitors with your offers and giving them a clear call to action are just a few of the many ways you can use your website to attract customers.