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The Most Important Part Of SEO Right Now Is…

On page SEO has never been as important as it is today. At Bright White Space towers we are still aware of SEO agencies stuffing keywords into pages in the same way they were two or three years ago, blissfully unaware of the damage they are doing to their reputation with both the mighty Google and their customers.

With our access to SEO partners in both the UK and abroad we have now seen evidence of sites ranking with very few, or in some cases no links at all. On page SEO is king. As a result we’ve compiled a quick and easy go-to- guide to bring you up to speed on the latest safe techniques for your business.

Quick Guide To Improving On Page SEO

Google basically see’s 4 different ways to identify query intent:

  1. DO– take immediate action
  2. GO – locational
  3. KNOW – give information
  4. VAGUE – specify further

For each type of search intent Google has indicators to validate the page. Any algorithmic indicators that demonstrate reputability will help you rank.

Do type queries:

Go type queries:

You want to show Google that you are the correct locational match for the query. This can be shown with:

Domain name A listed address, Google+ places and reviews.

One thing to note is that you don’t actually have to be in the correct location, you just want Google to be able to believe you are.

VAGUE type queries:

These are more interesting and less defined. If the search term is short-tail (usually 1-3 words in length) and your results are fairly ambiguous, you can hazard a fair guess that Google is confused by your search.

Ambiguous Results may include:

As most people are aware, SEO is a world that tends to evolve quickly. There have been 3 significant Google updates in the last 12 months that have seriously affected site ranking factors. Since this massive overhaul we are confident that these on page techniques are 100% safe for legitimate businesses.

If you are going to take advice on SEO and traffic generation, you are best off getting a referral from someone you trust to someone they trust.

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