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At this time of the year, it is the traditional to look into the future and predict what it holds for us all. So without further ado, we offer our predications for 2015 web design trends…

Vertical scrolling

Vertical scrolling and one page websites became very popular in 2014 and they don’t appear to be going anywhere just yet. With the vertical scroll comes the parallax scroll, which is set to become more popular as JavaScript libraries make it easier and self-build tools add the parallax effect.

Flat design

Popularised by Microsoft with their ‘Metro’ interface for Windows 8, flat design has dominated for the last year. It will continue to dominate, but potentially evolve, to add extra dimensions – keep an eye out for Google’s ‘material’ UI. This adds extra depth to the flat design concept, allowing for the creation of richer user interfaces for web apps.

Animations & Transitions

As more and more browsers support CSS3, expect to see a lot more animated sites – beware, we could be heading back to the bad old days of Flash websites where everything moved and animated for no reason.


Mobile and responsive design have been a big part of web design since 2010, but with more and more browsing moving to mobile and tablet it becomes more and more important. Mobile friendly ecommerce will be of major importance in 2015 as more sales are made on mobile devices.

Search Engines Get Cleverer

One to add to the old adage of death and taxes, search engines will get cleverer! Google will continue to focus on ‘semantic’ search, moving beyond keywords of key phrases and taking the whole sentence into consideration to produce a better results. Micro formats and semantic HTML mark-up will be essential in 2015.

So keep an eye out for all of the above and we will take a look at the end of the year to see what we got right!